Dr Kate Bertram has held many senior leadership roles in Prep-Year 12 schools in Australia. Her teaching experience spans thirty years in the areas of English, History, Visual Arts, Drama and Library. She also holds a post-graduate diploma in Museum Studies, specialising in the areas of education, curating and exhibition design.

As an educator and researcher, who loves exploring new ideas and trends, Kate is passionate about the design of physical spaces and convinced we shape our environments and our environments shape us. This has been happening for so long, it is impossible to say which came first but needless to say, it is a complex, enduring relationship. As a result of her doctoral research, she is embarking on a new project – one that seeks to understand the new adult workplaces that are influenced by activity-based-workplace designs, co-working philosophies and “Google-esque” physical environments. The goal? To mount an argument why teachers’ workspaces should be re-imagined for the sake of 21st Century schools.

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